Life Changing Success Secrets You Need To Learn Before 25!

But If You Haven't...That's Why You Need To Read This Book ASAP!

50 Life Lessons Before 25

Make the Next Year Of Your Life, The Best Year of Your Life. Then Repeat It!

This Will Help If...

  •  Trying to Grow Spiritually
  •  Trying to Make More Money
  • ​Trying To Start A Successful Business
  • ​Trying to Be More Social
  •  Trying to Get In Better Shape
  •  Trying to Share Your Faith
  • ​Trying to Be More Respected
  • ​Trying To Fulfil Your Calling In Life

And now I want to show you how to install these Secrets from the Scripture into your life so you can be all God wants you to be.


If you want to get the most out of this book, this is exactly what I did...

I took one life-changing success secret from this book, for each week in the year.

And every day, for just a few minutes each day, I read the success secret for the week,

then wrote down just one thing in the book,

And after doing that, I followed the success secret.

And this is why my book is filled with notes.

And by you doing this for just a few minutes every single day, You will begin to see your life change dramatically,

in your Faith, Finances, Fitness, Family & Friendships (and more), as you follow the life-changing success secrets.


The thing that’s great for you, about getting this book for only $25 plus S&H is,

Over the space of a year, I gave 10 people the opportunity to personally learn, my 50 life-changing success secrets for Faith, Finances, Fitness, Family & Friendships (literally all areas of life).

And what makes this so great for you is, if you know about my current coaching program cost, its twenty-five thousand dollars per year.

And if you paid me twenty-five thousand dollars for one year of coaching, what I share with you is everything that’s inside this book.


My guarantee to you is that you'll truly love this book, or we'll return your $25 plus S&H and let you keep the book anyway.

You do not even need to send anything back. Just email me and we'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Does this sound good for you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy your book!

God bless,
Israel Ikhinmwin

When You Get This Book Here Are A Few Secrets I'll Reveal To You...

There are 50 Secrets in the book to be successful in the four key areas of life. Here are a few of the Secrets.

Secret #1: Without This You'll Fail...

  •  Jesus Said Without This You're Going to Fail (page 3)
  • Why A Brother or Sister's Failures Do Not Matter (Page 4)
  • The Simple Fairy Tale Which Is Teaching The Same Secret (Page 4)

Secret #12: Secrets From Cigarettes...

  •  How Observing Cigarette Smokers Can Get You Success (Page 45)
  • The Secret Abraham Knew To Acquire Success On Earth But Even More Reward In Heaven (Page 46)
  • The Key Secret Jesus Told Us To Ensure We Have Long Term Success (Page 47)

Secret #15: Never Forget This...

  •  This Will Cost You BIG Financially, Physically and Socially (Page 59)
  •  The Majority Of People Fail Miserably At This (PLEASE DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM)! (Page 59)
  • Joseph Mastered This Secret To Success (Page 60)

Secret #24: Search For This Everyday...

  •  The 1 Item You Should Be Looking For Daily To Create More Success (Page 91)
  •  Jesus' Parable Which Encourages All To Start This Journey! (Page 92)
  • How To Share This Everyday You Find It To Be A Blessing To Others As Well (Page 92)

Secret #26: Keep This Safe At ALL Times...

  •  Once You Lose This, It Is Extremely Difficult To Get Again (Page 97)
  •  A Valuable Lesson For You From A  Story Of My Acting Skills (Page 97)
  • How I Lost This, And Years Later Struggled To Get It Back (Page 98)

Secret #29: A Must Have Item...

  •  This Item Saves You Time And Time Again (Page 110)
  •  After 10 Years This Item Helped Me Get This Book To You (Page 110)
  •   If  You Fail At This 1 Thing, This Item Is Useless To You  (Page 111)

Secret #44: Throwing Away Your Success...

  •  This Will DESTROY Your Success If You Let It (Page 166)
  •  How Riding A Bicycle Creates Success  (Page 167)
  •  A Conversation That Can Stop You From Being Rich (And Famous if You Like) (Page 167)
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